ZRC, French fashion for watches, is the world market leader of watchstrap replacements in leather, metal and synthetic. Thanks to its 108 years of experience in watchmaking and jewellery, ZRC has gained recognised know-how among professionals. The brand has a worldwide presence with about 15 000 retail outlets across the 5 continents.

There are more than 4000 references and 130 exclusive models in the ZRC collection, all available in many sizes, colours and skins. Committed to innovation, the brand offers new models each year such as the Bioconfort line, 100% chrome free, hypo allergenic and biodegradable.

Thanks to its prototyping centres in France and India, ZRC is also able to manufacture on demand and supply single straps for replacement where necessary. This know-how is a real art in itself.

ZRC is committed to quality and service. In order to increase the resistance of its products, many tests are run on skins, lining & finished products under the strictest standards. This guarantees a high quality product without defect.

Visit www.zrcbracelets.com for further details or call 0508 566 300 for ZRC retailers in New Zealand.