services & repairs

All brands distributed by GMB are sold to retailers with an authorised worldwide manufacturer’s warranty. GMB keeps original spare parts held in their modern, state of the art service centre workshop in New Zealand. All warranty and service work is handled by trained technicians employed by the company.

If your watch is covered by guarantee please return it  via the Retailer where you purchased it or you may send it directly to us at the address below.

Service Department
Griffiths McKay and Buckleigh Ltd
20 Pretoria Street
Lower Hutt 5010


P.O Box 38-999
Wellington Mail Centre

Regardless of direct courier return or via the Retailer, your watch will need to be accompanied by a valid guarantee or proof of purchase if applicable, along with a brief note stating what is wrong with the watch and your contact details with return address. Ensure you wrap the watch well in bubble wrap to protect against damage in transit. Please do not send the box!

For charge repairs we can give you an estimate for the work required before we begin. There is a charge of $22.50 + GST for an estimate if the work is not proceeded, any delivery charge is additional. For small repairs such as bracelet pins, etc. if an estimate is needed there is a non-refundable estimate charge of $11.25 + GST on top of the repair charge.

Payment may be made by cheque with approximately one week for clearance or, for overnight clearance, by direct credit to our account ANZ, Queen Street, Auckland account 01 0530 0002919 00.

There is a 12 month guarantee on repairs for the work undertaken.  This guarantee does exclude accidental damage, outside intervention, wear and tear, and normal consumption of battery from high use of back lights or other high current functions.