background & History

Originally established as Accurate Time Ltd some 50 years ago, then becoming Griffiths McKay Limited and finally trading as GMB Watches and Accessories, the company has been a long established distributor of premier watch brands in New Zealand.

Over the years the company's principals built up an unrivalled reputation. Initially they were assemblers of Swiss Brands from components supplied by its European shareholders with the finished watches then distributed to the retail network of jewellers and watchmakers in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Then, when restrictions were lifted and they became a wholly owned New Zealand company, they established direct relationships with brand suppliers throughout Europe and Asia to source models and styles to suit the particular requirements of the New Zealand and Pacific Retail Markets.



The management and staff of GMB visit the world’s great Watch Fairs in Switzerland and Hong Kong every year as well as meeting with their supplier principals in the UK, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong and USA on a regular basis to plan ahead for the release of new styles, introduce innovative technologies, keep abreast of world-wide fashion trends and co-ordinate with global marketing campaigns.

As the Authorised Agents, GMB only deals directly with the brands in their country of origin and does not purchase through third parties, intermediaries or on-line brand brokers. This ensures the originality and manufacturing authenticity of the watch and accessory brands they supply.